Timsbury Public Rights of Way

At the core of the management of public rights of way are two documents called the Definitive Map and the Definitive Statement (collectively known as the DM&S). The DM&S provides conclusive legal proof of the existence of a public right of way. BathNES Council is responsible for keeping the DM&S up-to-date and correcting any errors or omissions by means of Definitive Map Modification Orders.


The first walking book in the series was published in 2017, updated in the 2nd edition in 2018 and the 3rd edition in 2021. It has 66 pages in full colour. Hopefully it will encourage more people to walk and explore Timsbury and its surroundings. Over 2000 copies have been sold so far. All 20 walks start and finish in the centre of Timsbury and range from 0.8 to 7.7 miles. A sample walk can be seen here: WALKS 6 AND 7

The book is priced £5 and all proceeds go to Timsbury Parish Council.


This book, published in 2019,  mirrors the format of the first, Twenty circular walks in and around Timsbury.  Feedback suggests that this suits a wide range of people, with some longer walks for serious ramblers and shorter alternatives for those to just stretch their legs. The walks explore the wider area around Timsbury. The walks are circular and range from 2 to 9 miles long. A sample walk can be seen by clicking on WALKS 1 AND 2.

The book is priced £5 and all proceeds go to Timsbury Parish Council.

Each of the walks in this collection has a theme of water. The walks range from 1.8 – 8.5 miles and cover a slightly wider area than that of the other books in the series. All  proceeds will go to the Water Aid charity. As of November 2020, £500 has been donated to Water Aid. The book was published in April 2020 and is priced £5.


This book is written by the same authors and is in the same format as the others in the series. The book was commissioned by Radstock Museum and published in 2018. The walks explore the varied landscapes around Radstock as well as its industrial past. The book is priced at £5.00. It is available from the Riverbank Café as well available at the outlets listed on the Walks page.